Aluminum Fence Installation Service and Repair in Lake Stevens

aluminum fence installation service and repair in Lake Stevens

Winter tests fences. The ground shifts as it freezes and thaws, the materials in the fence also expand and contract in the changing temperatures. Wind can batter at privacy fences, and tree limbs can fall on any sort of fence. At All About Fence, we are pleased with the performance of aluminum fence, and we are available for aluminum fence installation service and repair in Lake Stevens.

Aluminum can resemble the appearance of iron but is much lighter to handle and install. Even so, it is a rugged material that can easily outlast wood or vinyl. Aluminum, unlike iron, does not rust. It can be gently bent to follow almost any configuration, and it can be molded to look like the traditional picket fence, and configured in panels to act as a privacy fence. Its only drawback is that it is slightly less rugged than iron if it suffers a direct impact. For residential and ornamental purposes, and even for marking boundaries, aluminum measures up beautifully – even every sense of the phrase. It is not only attractive, it is easy to install and will far outlast most other fencing materials. Like most quality fencing materials, it does represent a substantial investment, but one that you are unlikely to be required to repeat.

Call All About Fence at (425)268-9779 to learn more about aluminum fence installation service and repair in Lake Stevens. After all durable and “low maintenance” doesn’t mean “no maintenance.” We are ready to help you maintain your fine aluminum fence. Winter is rarely a good time for putting in a fence, but we can certainly help with maintenance and we can begin the plans for a new fence that can be installed as soon as the weather is clement.

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