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Ask About Our Same As Cash Financing

Are You Interested In Cedar Wood Fence Installation In Sammamish?

Are You Interested In Cedar Wood Fence Installation In Sammamish?When it comes to fencing installation, repair, or replacement, many people in the area look to us at All About Fence – and for a good reason. We offer a broad selection of fencing materials, and our design team has a passion for the work. If a cedar wood fence in Sammamish is something you are interested in, we would love to talk with you about setting up your project!

Excellent Home Improvement Project

If you think it is time to improve your property, a great option is a brand-new fence. New fencing, especially cedar material, adds a great deal of aesthetic appeal, style, privacy, and security. With all of the options to choose from, cedar comes with its own list of benefits compared to other fencing materials. Some of these benefits include:

  • Durability – Cedar is more durable than other types of wood often used for fencing. Additionally, cedar is not known for attracting insects and other pests that could otherwise harm the integrity of pine and other wood types.
  • Aesthetics – Even if you are looking first and foremost for security and privacy with a new fence, cedar is beautiful and adds a great deal of curb appeal to any property. You can also cut cedar fencing into customizable sizes to get the perfect height and design to match your property’s current aesthetic.
  • Eco-Friendly and Cost-Efficient – Because you will not have to replace a cedar fence as often as other wood options, you are going to spend less in the long run – all while doing your part for the environment.

Give us a call at All About Fence at (425) 320-3657 to talk with a member of our team about your fencing plans. We are available to install a cedar wood fence in Sammamish or any other material you are interested in!