The Benefits Of Pool Fencing For Your Lake Stevens Property

The Benefits Of Pool Fencing For Your Lake Stevens PropertyA well-kept pool is a highlighting feature for any Lake Stevens property. This amenity offers hours of enjoyment and recreation for friends and family as a way to cool down or even get some exercise in the summer months. Whenever you need a new pool fence or repair work, we are the team to call at All About Fence.

Why Pool Fencing?

Pools are a great thing to have on your property, but several inherent hazards must be addressed to use a pool safely. One is the addition of a pool fence.

Pool fencing has many other benefits, including:

  • Enhance Pool Safety – It is important to know that pool fences are not always 100% childproof. However, they offer a cover of protection whenever parents are not in direct sight of their children. The right fencing also helps give parents more time to locate and protect their children before anything occurs.
  • Reduce Drowning and Other Incidents – Pool fencing helps to decrease accident risks in your backyard. Drowning is the second highest cause of death for kids under 14. A quality pool fence can cut this risk by up to 80%.
  • Save Money on Insurance – Just as a quality alarm system could rescue your insurance costs, good pool fencing can do the same.
  • Peace of Mind – Nothing is better than having that added peace of mind that you have a layer of protection around your pool. This is crucial whether you have children or grandchildren in the home, pets, and other children in your neighborhood.

Call All About Fence at (425) 320-3657 to discuss pool fence installations and other services in Lake Stevens. We would be happy to come by and review your needs before providing you with an estimate for the project.

Get It Fixed With Vinyl Fence Repair In Granite Falls

Get It Fixed With Vinyl Fence Repair In Granite Falls

Vinyl fence repair on your Granite Falls property may seem like something you want to tackle as a DIY. However, there are many times homeowners bite off more than they can chew when trying to attempt handiwork on fencing and other outdoor projects. All About Fence wants you to know that we are here for installations, service, and repair work on vinyl and other types of fencing in the area!

Why Not DIY?

There could be several reasons why a do-it-yourself project might not be a good idea for your property. You may feel that you have enough experience, but failing to repair vinyl fencing correctly can lead to more issues and further damage to the fence.

Time is another concern that homeowners have to think about. It could seem like a small project, but you always run the risk of noticing more issues as you move along that could extend the job beyond whatever timeframe you have in mind. If you can only work on repairing your vinyl fencing over the weekend, this might mean several weeks’ worth of work, depending on the damage.

Finally, the cost is something to consider. While you may think that calling in professional fencing technicians to repair your vinyl fence is expensive, there is always the possibility of causing costly damage as you try to perform DIY independently.

Get in Touch with All About Fence Today!

Here at All About Fence, we work with customers like you to help you get the results you need. We provide quality materials, superior craftsmanship, and guarantees of our work. Be sure to ask us about getting a free project quote!

Are you looking for help with vinyl fence repair in Granite Falls? Call All About Fence at (425) 320-3657, and we will send out a technician for an estimate.

Do You Picture A Picket Fence Around Your Edmonds Property?

Picket fences have been around for many years and have now grown to become an icon of the American dream way of life. While their main purpose years ago used to be marking property lines, the picket fence has become a staple in exterior design. When you want to have someone you can trust for picket fence installation, service & repair in Edmonds, we invite you to talk with our team at All About Fence.

Did you know that a strategically-placed picket fence can help to keep rainwater away? Not only that, but you can also use them to bolster your sense of security while at home enjoying your yard. At the same time, there are many options available in terms of design that range from modern to rustic. All you have to do is decide what fits in best with your property and budget.

All About Fence Has You Covered

When you are thinking about a fencing installation, you need to ensure everything is done according to local guidelines. We can go over your ideas, develop a layout, and draft up an estimate for you to approve. From there, we will handle all of the necessary permits and begin the installation when it is time.

Our goal is to ensure all customers have the finished result they want to enhance their property. Whether you want a picket fence as a property marker or a beautiful addition to create a safe recreational area for your family or pets – we can come up with something you will love.

Are you ready to install a picket fence? Call All About Fence for your picket fence installation, service & repair in Edmonds at (425) 320-3657. We are the trusted name in your area for quality fencing materials and superior craftsmanship.

Beautiful Iron Fence Installation In Everett – Call For A Quote Today!

Beautiful Iron Fence Installation In Everett - Call For A Quote Today!Here at All About Fence, we assist clients in the area with various fencing projects, including new installations. If you have a project in mind for a new fence, we would suggest one of our most popular options – iron fence installation in Everett.

Iron Fencing Installation

Many people love the look and overall durability of iron fencing, often used in residential and commercial applications. All About Fence is proud to be a top fencing contractor in the area, providing quality installations, repairs, and replacements for home and business owners alike.

No two projects are exactly alike, but you may notice that the process for designing and installing your new iron fence goes as follows:

  • Consultation and quote – We need to know more about your project, ideas, budget, and needs. Each terrain is different for fencing installation, so paying a visit to your property gives us an accurate idea of what the installation process will entail.
  • Selecting your design – Our design team will go over your options, including gates, finials, and everything else, to make your fencing unique to your property. Whether you are looking for a security gate for your home or business or wish to have ornamental iron fencing, we can develop a customized design that will help you boost your curb appeal and overall property value.
  • Layout and installation – We have skilled fencing technicians ready to begin setting up your iron fence installation layout. You can count on us to install everything according to all local guidelines and codes.

Call (425) 320-3657 to talk with our team at All About Fence about your needs for iron fence installation in Everett. We would be happy to set up a consultation to offer an estimate for your project.

Don’t DIY Your Own Wood Fence Repair In Arlington!

Don't DIY Your Own Wood Fence Repair In Arlington!Wooden fencing is an excellent way to enhance curb appeal and keep your property secure. Whether you have picket fencing to keep pets and kids inside or a larger privacy fence, DIY repair work may not provide you with the best results. It is usually better to call someone for professional wood fence repair in Arlington. All About Fence is happy to help!

Why Not DIY?

Even if you have some experience with woodworking and landscape projects, it is usually better to leave fencing repair to a team with the manpower and experience to get it done right. The stakes are high when repairing your fence, especially if you want to ensure it can stand up to the elements even in the harshest weather conditions.

Calling in a trusted fencing contractor will give you peace of mind and save you precious time. Rather than spending a weekend or longer trying to get the repair done, All About Fence will schedule your project and get it done in a fraction of the time of a DIY.

What You Get With All About Fence

Hiring us for a wood fence installation, repair, or replacement will give you a team with plenty of experience with all types of fencing. We are also happy to match your finish with the repair so that it never looks as if there was an issue. Our work is guaranteed, seamless, and well worth the investment.

Do you have a section of broken fence? Are you noticing a bit of wood rot? We can come by to take a look and then develop a detailed estimate for your approval before we begin!

Call (425) 320-3657 to talk with our team at All About Fence when you require professional wood fence repair in Arlington.

Why Call Pros For Chain Link Fencing Repair In Snohomish County?

Why Call Pros For Chain Link Fencing Repair In Snohomish County?Should you have issues with the fencing already on your property, you will need to think about having it repaired or replaced. Unfortunately, this is not always a smart choice for a do-it-yourself project if you are unsure how to proceed. This is when you want to call on the help of experts with experience handling chain link fencing installation & repair in Snohomish County.

Why Chain Link?

Looking at fencing options for your home or business, one common choice with many people is chain link. You might wonder why chain link is still one of the more popular options in fencing today. A lot of the reason is that it is very affordable compared to other choices on the market today. A chain-link fence is comprised of either coated steel wires or galvanized steel, and it comes in a diamond pattern.

Chain link fencing is secure and durable, but you also have the flexibility to use it just about anywhere. When installed correctly, you may get a good 15 years or up to 25 years out of your fence – with regular maintenance and repairs.

Chain Link Repair Services

Some simple repairs may involve repairing a hole or cleaning away rusted spots. You may also have some more complicated repairs that can take longer to complete. No matter what, our team at All About Fence has the training and capacity to deal with any of the chain-link repairs you need. Whether you have a quick fix in the form of a smaller hole or a portion of your fence that is rusted away, leaning, or sagging, there is no such thing as a job too big or small for our technicians to handle.

When you need dependable help with chain link fencing installation & repair in Snohomish County, call us at All About Fence at (425) 320-3657!

We Can Plan Your Wood Privacy Fence Installation In Woodinville

We Can Plan Your Wood Privacy Fence Installation In WoodinvilleWhen the weather improves during the spring, you may start thinking about home projects. Whether you have an older fence on your property that could use a refresher or you want a brand-new installation, wood fences & wooden privacy fence installation in Woodinville could give you just the results you are looking for.

Why Choose Wooden Fencing?

Wood is an excellent and popular fencing material for several reasons. A wooden privacy fence is a perfect way to bring value to your home while adding security and privacy for your family and pets. Not only that, but wooden fencing is a lot less expensive than options like vinyl but can still bring an incredible return on investment for your property overall.

The Right Installation is Key

As with any major project on your property, you need to know that your fencing will get designed and installed properly. High-quality installation performed by professionals gives you the desired results and will always extend the fencing lifespan tremendously.

Here at All About Fence, we take the time to ensure we get the job done right. We always strive to craft beautiful fencing that will give our clients the value and aesthetics they are looking for.

Are you looking for custom-built fencing? We are your team!

High-quality materials, years of experience, and design ingenuity are just a few elements that we bring to your next fencing project. We would love to discuss your plans and take a look to see how we can come up with the repair, replacement, or installation you need.

All About Fence is here to help with wood fences & wooden privacy fence installation in Woodinville. Call us at (425) 320-3657! A member of our team will be happy to discuss your ideas so we can create a design you love for your property.

Shoreline Businesses Trust Us For Industrial Fence Installation Service & Repair

Shoreline Businesses Trust Us For Industrial Fence Installation Service & RepairIf you have been thinking about installing a brand-new fence around your commercial space, but you are unsure of the right type of fencing to use? This is not something that you want to take lightly, especially if you need added security. Hiring the pros at All About Fence will help you to get the high-quality industrial fence installation service & repair in Shoreline you can count on.

Heavy-duty commercial fencing comes in several forms, and our team has a passion for the work that sets us apart from all the rest. Whether you are looking to repair outdated fencing on your property or you are putting in a new industrial building that calls for perimeter control, we are here to help.

Are you concerned that you cannot find the best industrial fencing that fits in with your budget and needs? We are more than happy to visit your property for a consultation, where we do a walkthrough to discuss your needs and ideas. We are available for a wide selection of commercial and industrial fencing solutions, including railings, privacy links, chain link fencing, gate systems, and much more.

Industrial fencing will give you the security, durability, and flexibility you need to enhance control of your property without leaving your budget depleted. We can help you with designing the layout, installing your fence, and even set you up with a solid maintenance plan to give you added peace of mind when you need it in the future.

If you need dependable industrial fence installation service & repair in Shoreline, call All About Fence at (425) 320-3657 for a consultation. We can go over all of the available options that you have for enhancing the look and security of your property.

Are You Interested In Cedar Wood Fence Installation In Sammamish?

Are You Interested In Cedar Wood Fence Installation In Sammamish?When it comes to fencing installation, repair, or replacement, many people in the area look to us at All About Fence – and for a good reason. We offer a broad selection of fencing materials, and our design team has a passion for the work. If a cedar wood fence in Sammamish is something you are interested in, we would love to talk with you about setting up your project!

Excellent Home Improvement Project

If you think it is time to improve your property, a great option is a brand-new fence. New fencing, especially cedar material, adds a great deal of aesthetic appeal, style, privacy, and security. With all of the options to choose from, cedar comes with its own list of benefits compared to other fencing materials. Some of these benefits include:

  • Durability – Cedar is more durable than other types of wood often used for fencing. Additionally, cedar is not known for attracting insects and other pests that could otherwise harm the integrity of pine and other wood types.
  • Aesthetics – Even if you are looking first and foremost for security and privacy with a new fence, cedar is beautiful and adds a great deal of curb appeal to any property. You can also cut cedar fencing into customizable sizes to get the perfect height and design to match your property’s current aesthetic.
  • Eco-Friendly and Cost-Efficient – Because you will not have to replace a cedar fence as often as other wood options, you are going to spend less in the long run – all while doing your part for the environment.

Give us a call at All About Fence at (425) 320-3657 to talk with a member of our team about your fencing plans. We are available to install a cedar wood fence in Sammamish or any other material you are interested in!

Redmond Businesses – Look to Us for Commercial Fence Installation Service & Repair

Redmond Businesses - Look to Us for Commercial Fence Installation Service & RepairWhether you run a production facility, restaurant, storage business, or another commercial entity, it is essential that you think about security around your perimeter. Many business owners want to have a secure border in the form of commercial fencing, and it is a good idea to research all of your options before making a final decision. As with any significant contractor, you need to take your time to find the right company to provide commercial fence installation service & repair in Redmond.


When you install the right fencing around your facility, you have the chance to keep everything away from prying eyes. It will also help to make everything a lot more comfortable and discreet for your clients and staff when they are coming and going.


Reliable commercial fencing contractors understand the right way to enhance the security around your place of business. You can think about adding a security fence as well as a gate with access control so that you can monitor who is coming in and out. Something like this is an excellent way to make sure that you can minimize theft and protect your assets.


It is not all that common for an industrial or commercial facility to look drab from the outside. Choosing smart when you need commercial fencing will help to keep everything looking good and improve the appearance for passers-by.

Resale Value

Should you think about selling your commercial space in the future, having your fencing fixed or putting in new commercial fencing is the best way to boost the resale value. Beautiful, high-quality fencing is just right for increasing the overall curb appeal, and it will check one more thing off of the list that potential buyers will not have to do.

If you need commercial fence installation service & repair in Redmond, call us today at All About Fence at (425) 268-9779.