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Security Fence Installation Service & Repair in Lake Stevens

Security Fence Installation Service & Repair in Lake Stevens

All About Fence can be all about your security fence installation service & repair in Lake Stevens. Of course, no fence or wall is the complete answer to security for your home or business. However, an sturdy fence provides a firm statement about where your barriers are located, and where people or animals should be allowed.

Security fences are often part of a business’s perimeter, sending the “Not in Here” signal to unauthorized personnel, and creating a specific area for security alarm systems or patrols to supervise. They do more than that, however. For example, if your business is providing used car parts to owners of older automobiles, your security fence also acts as an aesthetic blind, keeping the sight of tired, worn vehicles from the general public view. Security fences can also help establish areas where casual visitors might create a danger to themselves or to others. Even in the early days of industrialism, it was a good idea to keep uninformed thumbs out of the works. A fence is never the complete answer. Humans are ingenious when it comes to discovering ways to flout good sense and authority, but it does create a place to start.

All About Fence can be all about your security fence installation service & repair in Lake Stevens, call us at  (425)268-9779 if you are ready to place a firm demarcation around your business property’s operations. We understand that a sturdy fence is a good place to start when you are setting up a security system, and we are glad to help. Chain link or tall privacy fences are often a good choice. They present an obvious message that should not be misunderstood by passersby.

Durable Vinyl Fence Installation Service & Repair near Everett

Vinyl Fence Installation Service & Repair near Everett

All About Fence can handle your vinyl fence installation & repair near Everett. Vinyl fencing can be a viable, low-maintenance option for your fencing needs. Vinyl has the advantage that it does not require painting, is not susceptible to water damage, and can maintain its appearance for several seasons.

Vinyl fencing is low maintenance, and some types are made from recycled materials. The downside is that vinyl fencing can be an expensive initial install. Over time, this is offset by not needing to paint your fence because it will not biodegrade or rust. Some colors and types of plastic will fade over time, but in some locations,  this might not be a problem. Repairs to a vinyl fence can be a little trickier than for a wood or metal fence, but we are more than happy to help you take of your repairs – but with a good vinyl fence, we are betting that you won’t need us very often. Not only does vinyl fencing retain its appearance with little or no maintenance, it has greater flexibility than wood or metal fence panels and is more likely to bend than break, yet it can still be strong and sturdy. This can be an advantage in some climates.

Call All About Fence at (425)268-9779 to learn more about vinyl  fence installation & repair near Everett. We will be glad to discuss your options and to send a representative to help with measurements and other considerations, such as whether step panels will be needed for a hillside or accommodation for a waterway. Since no two locations are exactly the same, each installation can require special considerations. Putting in the fence that you want and making it work for you is our primary goal.

For You, a Beautiful Cedar Wood Fence in Marysville


Cedar Wood Fence in Marysville

All About Fence would be proud to install for you a beautiful cedar wood fence in Marysville. Cedar is one of those beautiful woods that are perfect for a variety of projects – from polished, red and blond-streaked linen chests to rugged, weathered gray privacy fences.

Cedar is an ideal wood for outdoor use. It is naturally resistant to depredation by bugs and even resists weathering. If you walk through a cedar glade and see an old, uprooted tree, you will note that even if the bark has weathered away, the wood remains sound. Some parts of it will weather into sharp points reminiscent of a deer’s antlers. This natural resistance means that cedar makes good fencing. Its natural weather resistance can be enhanced with a paint, or with a clear, protective coat that will help preserve the fresh coloring of newly cut cedar wood. On the other hand, if you like the soft, gray patina of weathered cedar, let it go for a season or two, then coat it with a clear finish to set the coloring and to help preserve it. Cedar makes good planks for privacy fencing, but it also makes good pickets for a traditional picket fence. As natural materials go, it is nearly perfect for outdoor use – and has its moments for use inside your home, as well.

All About Fence would be proud to install for you a cedar wood fence in Marysville, just give us a call at  (425)268-9779 to learn more about this incredibly versatile building material. We will be happy to show you our cedar fence models and to discuss where, when and how you want your cedar wood fence to be built.

Don’t Forget your Pool Fence in Bothell

Pool Fence in Bothell

As you are trying on that swimsuit to see if it still fits and cleaning out the pool, don’t forget to prepare for pool safety with a pool fence in Bothell. All about Fence has the fencing and gates that will help you meet state standards. We don’t install gates (although we do make them) or put in alarm systems, but we can put you in touch with an excellent company that does that type of work.

Pool fences are state mandated.  While there might be some variance between regions the general requirements for are essentially the same because they focus on the abilities of children to access an unattended pool. Kids are curious, and most of them love water. It only takes a few seconds for a youngster to slip away and to quickly be in trouble. A good pool fence is an excellent preventative. A pool fence should be at least 60” tall and have an automatic latching gate on which the opener is too high up for most preschool children to reach. By adding an alarm mechanism that will create an alert on your home security system you can increase safety for school-age children and teenage youth, who also are curious and too frequently have little regard for boundaries. Your house can be one side of your pool fence, but if it can be accessed from the house, the door must be secure and have an alarm that sounds throughout the house, and that is distinctly different from all other household alarms. Chain link, privacy or pickets with narrow spaces are suitable for pool fences.

All About Fence is ready to help with your pool fence in Bothell, just call us at (425) 268-9779 to learn more about state-mandated pool fence requirements. We are always glad to help.

Industrial Fence Installation Service & Repair in Snohomish


All About Fence has the expert fencing team for your industrial fence installation service & repair in Snohomish. With years of experience behind them, our team can handle just about any kind of fence you want to install, but our specialties are chain link, cedar wood, and ornamental iron.

When people think about industrial fencing, they often picture tall installations of chain link fence. In many cases, they would not be wrong. Chain link is economical, sturdy and can be teamed with automatic gates. We don’t install automatic gates, but we can build them and put you in touch with an excellent company that does that sort of work. However, industrial fencing does might not be just chain link. It could be cedar privacy fencing or ornamental iron, depending on the location of the fence and the needs of the company. Sometimes appearances are as important as stopping power when it comes to an industrial fence. An attractive fence adds to your property value. We are especially proud of our cedar wood fences, which can provide a definitive demarcation for property lines or can be used to hide unsightly utility areas, such as trash dumpsters. Ornamental iron can be a superb choice for gated communities or for an office complex. Even chain link can be made attractive by adding plastic privacy strips, which can be used to create your logo or even a mural.


Phone All About Fence at (425)268-9779 today for your free estimate on industrial fence installation service & repair in Snohomish. Our estimators are not sales people. They will give you a fair and honest estimate for the type of fencing you want in the location where you want it placed. Our goal is for you to have the fence you want that provides both function and beauty for your workplace.

Privacy Fence Installation Service & Repair in Everett

A privacy fence creates your own little world, a space that allows you to remove yourself from the hustle and bustle of every day life.  All About Fence is prepared to help you with your privacy fence installation service & repair in Everett.

A privacy fence can help create a quiet corner where you can enjoy the sun, have a garden, read a good book or check your email on your laptop or tablet. A beautiful fence will dress up the perimeter of your property while providing a firm indication of the boundary of your property line. If you enjoy gardening or growing flowers, a beautiful redwood or cedar fence can serve as a backdrop for upright floral presentations, or foliage plants. Both redwood and cedar are excellent outdoor materials, having a natural resistance to weathering. You can allow them to develop the natural gray tone that goes with exposure to the elements, or you can protect their original bright color with a coat of clear, outdoor paint. The upright posts can be attached to metal pins that can then be embedded in concrete, keeping the wood away from the earth. This prolongs the life of the posts, which – in turn – improves the life of your fence. Our fences can be purchased in panels that can be stair-stepped to accommodate slopes.

All About Fence is ready to help you with your privacy fence installation service & repair in Everett, just call us at  (425) 268-9779. Our knowledgeable team has the experience, the training and the understanding of just how fences work, and we will bring all of that to installing and maintaining your fence. We know that it is important to you that your fence should be durable, but also beautiful, and that it should add value to your property.

Personalize Your Picket Fence Installation Service & Repair near Lake Stevens

Personalize Your Picket Fence Installation Service & Repair near Lake Stevens

Nothing is lovelier than a well-maintained picket fence. It can be the traditional white, but today’s picket fence has other options, as well. All About Fence is ready for your picket fence installation service & repair near Lake Stevens.

To fully understand installation, service and repair of a picket fence, it is a good idea to understand exactly what a picket fence is and what it does. A picket is an upright board that is attached to horizontal cross pieces, that are fastened to posts. The advantage of a picket fence is that parts of it can be replaced or refurbished without having to replace the whole fence. Its parts can be made from a variety of materials, including plastic pickets, cross-pieces and posts made from recycled vinyl. The usual material is wood that either has a natural weather resistance, such as cedar or redwood, or that has been treated for outdoor use. The wood can be left its natural color, cedar and redwood look great for this, or can be painted. The paint could be the traditional white, or it could be any color you desire. White was a common color for fences because it could be made from locally available materials such as lime or milk. That might sound crazy, but milk paint is amazing stuff and was used on many antique materials. It is still used to restore antiques or to give a traditional look to modern imitations.

All About Fence is ready for your picket fence installation service & repair in Lake Stevens, just call  (425)268-9779 for a consultation today. We will be glad to share with you our many designs for beautiful picket fences, in traditional white, bright wood, or other colors.

Pool Fence Installation Service & Repair in Lynnwood

Pool Fence Installation Service & Repair in Lynnwood

Chilly February is hardly the time that anyone is likely to be thinking about an outdoor pool, but now is a good time to plan your pool fence installation service & repair in Lynnwood. Cold weather season is the perfect months to get out your calendar, your budget, and plan for necessary spring repairs. All About Fence is ready to schedule your repairs, updates or innovations now.

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