Beautiful, Durable Picket Fence Installation and Repair in Mill Creek

Beautiful, Durable Picket Fence Installation and Repair in Mill Creek

All About Fence can take care of your picket fence installation and repair in Mill Creek. The white picket fence is such a cliché that it is often used as a  reference to seeking a quiet life of prosperity. However, the picket fence can be efficient, economical and beautiful – which is why so many homeowners choose this design for their property. It can be used to dress up the edge of a property, restrain pets and small children and even to edge a garden or flower bed. With the right pickets and set-up, it can even be part of your home security.

Picket fences are a part of American history. In some cities, they were once required as markers for the edge of properties because they could create a clear demarcation of the boundary, restrain pets and children, and still allow homeowners to display ornamental plantings of decorative trees and flowers. The term “picket” means a sharpened post or pale. A picket fence is usually made up of flat boards that are tapered to a point or an ornamental design at the top, which is attached at the bottom and top to horizontal rails that are, in turn, attached to vertical posts.

Regardless of your picket fence needs, we have the experience and industry knowledge to make sure that the job is done correctly the first time.

All About Fence can take care of your picket fence installation and repair in Mill Creek, just give us a call at (425) 268-9779. Our picket fences can be made of vinyl, cedar, cypress, oak or bamboo. The vertical posts can also be seated on a metal base set in concrete to promote longevity.


Your Wrought Iron Fence  Installation Service & Repair in Lynnwood

Your Wrought Iron Fence  Installation Service & Repair in Lynnwood

All About Fence has the wrought iron fence installation Service & Repair in Lynnwood that you need. In fact, wrought iron is one of our specialties, although we can install or repair all kinds of fences. Our family-owned business is invested in helping you have a beautiful, functional fence that will go with your landscape.

Throughout the changes in the seasons and the holidays upon us, we would like to share a few tips about decorating your fence for the holidays. There is absolutely nothing more beautiful than a well-kempt wrought iron fence decorated with pumpkins, turkeys, swags of greenery, wreaths or colorful lights. Just some small reminders: if you have an automatic gate attached to your fence, keep decorations clear of moving parts.

When decorating with lights, use only those that are rated for use outdoors and make sure they are plugged into GFCI outlets. If you don’t have a GFCI outlet, you can purchase an adapter at your local hardware store. Use plastic hangers when attaching electrical lighting to metal fencing, and always check last year’s light string for worn places. If your wrought iron, or any other kind of fence, needs a little fixing up before you decorate, we are ready to help.

Get in touch with All About Fence at (425)268-9779 for your wrought iron installation service & repair in Lynnwood. We are always available to help you keep your fence looking its very best, or to install a new fence if that is what you need. We can make gates that will match our fences, although we do not install openers. We are happy to help you get your fence ready for any season, and especially for the holidays.

Residential or Business Chain Link Fencing Installation Service & Repair Near Snohomish

Residential or Business Chain Link Fencing Installation Service & Repair Near Snohomish

All About Fence is prepared to help with your residential or business chain link fencing installation service & repair near Snohomish. Chain link fencing is sturdy, weather resistant and provides a good barrier for restraining pets or setting a perimeter for children. It is also useful for marking boundaries in commercial settings.

Our chain link comes in two colors: galvanized and black. PVC coating is available. The advantage of the coating is that it protects the wire from exposure to weather, helping to prevent corrosion or rusting and therefore prolonging the life of the fence. If you would like to mask an area, such as a trash dumpster, opaque privacy slats can be added to the fence. Chain link fences can be decorative as well as utilitarian. The privacy slats can be organized to spell out a company or family name, or to display a picture or ornamental geometric pattern. They come in eight different colors, giving a good palette for design work. We can also create matching gates, although we do not install automated or electric gates. We can, however, recommend companies that do that sort of work.

If you are ready for residential or business chain link fencing installation service & repair near Snohomish, call All About Fence at (425)268-9779. We can install fencing at any season. Autumn is a good time to put in a fence or to repair one, making it part of your seasonal cleanup and preparation for winter weather. We will be more than happy to discuss options for a simple chain link or for a design using the privacy slats. Our goal is to make the world a better place, one beautiful fence at a time.

Winterize your Pool Fence in Marysville

Pool Fence in Bothell

Autumn leaves are beginning to drift down onto lawns, school children are making their way to those hallowed halls of learning, and it is time to think about getting your pool ready for winter. All About Fence is ready to help you winterize your pool fence in Marysville.

Your pool fence, and many others like it, are a response to a need. Statistics have indicated that far too many accidental drownings or injuries in a dry pool occur in private, backyard pools. As a result, regulations have been established that include fencing those backyard swimming pools, even the temporary above-ground types. Your pool fence doesn’t have to be a basic, utilitarian piece of equipment. It can be beautiful, and it can add to the general ambiance of your backyard. Whether it is chain link, wrought iron or wood, yearly maintenance will help keep your pool fence looking good. Typical maintenance events might include painting, checking latches and locks, repairing or replacing damaged panels or, if it is a chain link with privacy panels, changing out damaged panels. You could even exchange your colored privacy panels for a completely new set to go with the changing seasons.

If you are ready to winterize your pool fence in Marysville, call All About Fence at (425)268-9779. Whether your fence needs general maintenance, repairs or completely replaced, we have the team who can do the job. If it has to do with fencing, we can help you handle it. We even make gates, although we do not install automatic gate operators. Our goal is to help you make your fence efficient, effective and beautiful at all seasons of the year and for every occasion. We firmly believe that utilitarian can be beautiful.

Durable and Attractive Vinyl Fence Installation Service & Repair in Everett

scalloped fence
Vinyl can mimic almost any kind of wood fence.

All About Fence has your durable and attractive vinyl fence installation service & repair in Everett. Vinyl fences have the happy attribute of requiring little maintenance. They do not need to be painted, and they do not rust. They might benefit from power washing now and then.

Vinyl fencing can simulate almost any kind of wood fencing, from white picket fencing to privacy fencing. It usually comes in preassembled panels, which makes it easy to install quickly. Some models, however, come in individual boards, not unlike cedar fencing. Vinyl fencing is sometimes made from recyclable materials, but not all of it. When your vinyl fence panels wear out and need to be replaced, the plastic panels can be recycled. So, if you are looking for a renewable fence type, vinyl could very well be a good choice for you. The panels come with breathing spaces to allow wind to pass through, which lets them withstand most ordinary windy weather.  There is even a type of heavy-duty vinyl fencing made specifically for horses. It presents a trim appearance around a pasture or corral. Best of all, vinyl fencing is sufficiently sturdy for most purposes, comes in several different colors, and never requires painting. Power wash occasionally to prevent growth of moss or mold and to remove grime.

Give All About Fence a call at (425)268-9779 to learn more about our vinyl fence installation service & repair in Everett. Vinyl fences can be a durable, attractive choice for your fencing needs, whether it is to surround your backyard pool, restrain pets or other animals, or to simply make an attractive border around your lawn or yard. A vinyl fence is low maintenance and weather resistant and can give good service for many years.