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Vinyl Fence Installation Service & Repair in Everett

All About Fence would like to talk about vinyl fence installation service & repair in Everett. Vinyl fence is a marvelous solution for home or business owners who would like the “I’ve made it” statement offered by that white picket fence but don’t want the upkeep. Wooden fences, even the best of them, require painting, sealing, and sometimes replacement of parts. Vinyl fence might require a little maintenance, but it is comparatively trouble-free.

In addition to the classic white picket fence, you can purchase vinyl fence in privacy panels, planks or alternating board panels. In fact, if it is made in wood, there is a good chance you can find a similar style made in vinyl. Advantages of vinyl fencing include the panels are lighter in weight, which is a big advantage during installation. Instead of having the expense of purchasing paint, and spending time painting your fence, rinse it with a forceful spray from your garden hose. If it is stained, use a power washer loaded with some earth-friendly cleaner – this is great for end-of-summer cleanup. To reiterate, with a vinyl fence you can have the great look that goes with a wooden or even an iron fence without the labor that goes into maintaining them.

All About Fence can help with your vinyl fence installation service & repair in Everett, just call (425)268-9779 to learn more. We will be glad to assess your projected fence location, and create an estimate. Our panels can be stepped to accommodate slopes, as well as installed in the regular way. Our team of fencing experts is ready to help you install that beautiful fence – picket, panel or slatted – whenever you have made your decision upon style and location.