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Ask About Our Same As Cash Financing

Does Your Mill Creek Property Require A New Picket Fence? Call Us For Installation!

Does Your Mill Creek Property Require A New Picket Fence? Call Us For Installation!There is a lot that a new fence installation can do for your property. However, this may not be the type of project that you want to handle on your own. Rather than taking on all of the design work, gathering materials, and the overall install, let All About Fence handle it for you! We are your number one answer when you are looking for a dependable, reputable picket fence installation service & repair in Mill Creek.

Not only are picket fences charming, but these simple home additions are also American icons. when you take a look back at the rich history of this nation, the picket fence has created quite the symbol for ‘home’ and the American Dream. These fences were often installed by Colonists as a way to protect their gardens or to ensure their chickens would stay in the yard. Today, you can find picket fence installations with unique details that allow the homeowner to tailor a design that fits in with their style and needs.

There are generally several main components that make up the design of a picket fence, including:

  • Cap
  • Post
  • Picket
  • Rail

Even though the styles may vary from one installation to the next, each picket fence will have the same elements that work together for a yard enclosure.

Do you have ideas for a new picket fence? Are you looking for an installation that is fairly low-maintenance? We can help!

Many fences like these usually come to about three to four feet in height, which will give you a good barrier from your street. If you are looking to enclose a swimming pool, local code may require that the fence be at least four feet tall. With proper care, you could have a fence that lasts for many years to come. We can go over all of your stain options – and we suggest having a few coats of a quality stain because that can last anywhere between five to 10 years.

All About Fence offers high-quality picket fence installation service & repair in Mill Creek. Call (425) 320-3657 for a consultation!