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Don’t Forget your Pool Fence in Bothell

Pool Fence in Bothell

As you are trying on that swimsuit to see if it still fits and cleaning out the pool, don’t forget to prepare for pool safety with a pool fence in Bothell. All about Fence has the fencing and gates that will help you meet state standards. We don’t install gates (although we do make them) or put in alarm systems, but we can put you in touch with an excellent company that does that type of work.

Pool fences are state mandated.  While there might be some variance between regions the general requirements for are essentially the same because they focus on the abilities of children to access an unattended pool. Kids are curious, and most of them love water. It only takes a few seconds for a youngster to slip away and to quickly be in trouble. A good pool fence is an excellent preventative. A pool fence should be at least 60” tall and have an automatic latching gate on which the opener is too high up for most preschool children to reach. By adding an alarm mechanism that will create an alert on your home security system you can increase safety for school-age children and teenage youth, who also are curious and too frequently have little regard for boundaries. Your house can be one side of your pool fence, but if it can be accessed from the house, the door must be secure and have an alarm that sounds throughout the house, and that is distinctly different from all other household alarms. Chain link, privacy or pickets with narrow spaces are suitable for pool fences.

All About Fence is ready to help with your pool fence in Bothell, just call us at (425) 268-9779 to learn more about state-mandated pool fence requirements. We are always glad to help.