Durable and Attractive Vinyl Fence Installation Service & Repair in Everett

scalloped fence
Vinyl can mimic almost any kind of wood fence.

All About Fence has your durable and attractive vinyl fence installation service & repair in Everett. Vinyl fences have the happy attribute of requiring little maintenance. They do not need to be painted, and they do not rust. They might benefit from power washing now and then.

Vinyl fencing can simulate almost any kind of wood fencing, from white picket fencing to privacy fencing. It usually comes in preassembled panels, which makes it easy to install quickly. Some models, however, come in individual boards, not unlike cedar fencing. Vinyl fencing is sometimes made from recyclable materials, but not all of it. When your vinyl fence panels wear out and need to be replaced, the plastic panels can be recycled. So, if you are looking for a renewable fence type, vinyl could very well be a good choice for you. The panels come with breathing spaces to allow wind to pass through, which lets them withstand most ordinary windy weather.  There is even a type of heavy-duty vinyl fencing made specifically for horses. It presents a trim appearance around a pasture or corral. Best of all, vinyl fencing is sufficiently sturdy for most purposes, comes in several different colors, and never requires painting. Power wash occasionally to prevent growth of moss or mold and to remove grime.

Give All About Fence a call at (425)268-9779 to learn more about our vinyl fence installation service & repair in Everett. Vinyl fences can be a durable, attractive choice for your fencing needs, whether it is to surround your backyard pool, restrain pets or other animals, or to simply make an attractive border around your lawn or yard. A vinyl fence is low maintenance and weather resistant and can give good service for many years.

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