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Ask About Our Same As Cash Financing

Efficient Aluminum Fence Installation Service In Marysville

Efficient Aluminum Fence Installation Service In MarysvilleAll About Fence is prepared to help you whenever you need reliable, professional aluminum fence installation and repair in Marysville. Now that the colder winter months have passed, it is a great time to plan new fences. If your current fence needs repair, either because of age or because of weather, we are here for you during any season.

If you love the look of iron fencing but dread the maintenance that goes with it, an aluminum fence might be the perfect answer. It has all the beauty associated with iron without the painting and similar maintenance since aluminum does not rust. Steps before installation are similar for all fences, including:

  • Meet with your neighbors to go over boundary locations. In some cases, they might even be willing to share costs.
  • Contact your local utility companies to learn if there are any hidden underground surprises. No one wants to dig into an electrical or gas line or any other utility.
  • Check with local authorities about fence height and location; some residential areas have particular regulations about fences.
  • Get in touch with a contractor (that could be us) to survey the fence location to determine if you will need to rake the fence or stair-step to accommodate the slope.
  • Obtain an estimate, budget the cost, and give your fence construction company the go-ahead to put in your new fence.

All About Fence can help with all of these steps for your aluminum fence installation and repair in Marysville; call (425) 320-3657 to get started. We will be happy to discuss the merits of aluminum fencing vs. iron or other fence types to help you with your fence selection. We understand that this is an investment and that you want it to be beautiful, affordable, and durable.