Enhance Your Exterior With Cedar Wood Fence In Snohomish

Enhance Your Exterior With Cedar Wood Fence In SnohomishIf you are interested in a cedar wood fence in Snohomish, All About Fence has the designs for you. All you have to do is contact us at your earliest convenience and we will be happy to schedule a consultation.

Natural Beauty

When new, cedarwood has a beautiful reddish color that requires no embellishment. Protected with a clear finish, it will retain that color. However, if a finish is not desired, cedar will weather to a soft gray that can provide an understated background to shrubs and flowers. Naturally weather-resistant, the life of your cedar posts can be prolonged by using posts that are set on a metal shank that is embedded in concrete.

This eliminates below-ground weathering which will eventually rot even the most resistant wooden posts. By combining these posts with naturally weather-resistant cedar, you can have a beautiful fence – either a picket-style or privacy – that will last for many years. The natural wood beauty of cedar can complement either traditional housing styles or modern by selecting a fence pattern that reflects the architectural construction of the building. A well-kept cedar fence will appreciate in loveliness over time, thanks to its natural weathering patterns.

Privacy Fencing

As a privacy fence, it rivals redwood; as a picket fence, it can either weather naturally or receive a clear finish to preserve the raw wood color. We would be glad to discuss your cedar wood fence options – there are so many different approaches. In addition to the natural beauty of the wood, our fences can be stepped to accommodate hillside installations.

All About Fence has beautiful designs that feature cedar wood fence in Snohomish, just call (425) 320-3657 to learn more about this natural wood. Cedar is a truly amazing wood, suitable for nearly any climate or location.

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