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Ask About Our Same As Cash Financing

Get Your Edmonds Garden Fencing In Order

Get Your Edmonds Garden Fencing In OrderThe right fencing on your property can provide security and privacy, delineate outdoor space, and add notable design flair. There are also several amazing garden fence and yard embellishments that you can choose from to make it your own. All About Fence is the team to call whether you are putting in new garden fencing for your Edmonds property or you need to repair existing materials.

Selecting the Best Fencing

The sky is the limit in terms of garden fence, as they often range in structure, materials, height, and more. While smaller fencing can be a DIY, most homeowners prefer to hire someone with fence installation skills. All About Fence not only has the experience and skill necessary to handle your garden fencing, but we also help with all your design and layout needs.

  • Wire/Wood Elegance – While wire and wood may seem like simple materials, you can design garden fencing that will be both chic and functional. The right combination of wood and wire will keep garden beds safe from critters while also offering a support structure for plants to climb.
  • Picket/Farmhouse Style – Wood or vinyl, picket style fencing is a great addition to most garden settings. Whether you are putting together a garden seating area with flowers or growing vegetables, All About Fence can help you design and install something perfect for your backyard oasis.
  • Arbor Structures – Would you like to add a focal point to your garden or mark the entryway? In addition to new garden fence installation, we can also help you to pick out and install the perfect arbor to set off the entire look.

Do you have plans for your garden fencing in Edmonds? Call All About Fence at (425) 320-3657 for new installations, replacement, or repair work.