Industrial Fence Installation Service & Repair in Everett

industrial fence installation service & repair in Everett

Winter is not usually the best time of year for fence installation, but it is an excellent time to begin planning a new fence. Fences that are already in place can require maintenance. Winter, with the contraction of materials due to the cold, followed by daytime expansion challenges all materials. All About Fence is prepared to assist you with your industrial fence installation service & repair in Everett.

An industrial fence is somewhat different from a residential fence in that it is rarely just an ornament or boundary demarcation – although that can be the case. Industrial fences require some actual stopping power. Chain link is often the fence type of choice because it is tough, and it is moderate in cost. It can even function as a privacy fence with the addition of vinyl slats threaded through the links. Not only that, the vinyl slats, which are available in a variety of colors, can be used to create your business name, logo or a colorful design or mural. Iron fencing can also be used where a fence needs some serious stopping power. Iron will need some maintenance since this metal, when unprotected, will rust. Aluminum is a slightly lower maintenance alternative.

All About Fence is ready to discuss your industrial fence installation service & repair in Everett, just give us a call at (425)268-9779. We can spruce up your existing fence, and talk about what will need to happen to put in a new one – if that is what is needed. We know that an industrial fence should be respectable in appearance, but that it should also provide that service that is characteristic of the best fences: provide a barrier between your business operations and the world at large.

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