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Keeping Up with Wood Fence Repair in Lynnwood

wood fence repair in Lynnwood

All About Fence can help you keep up with your wood fence repair in Lynnwood. Wood fences have a unique beauty unmatched by any other sort of material. Cedar and redwood are two material types that weather well and look wonderful, even after weathering.

One way to help preserve your wood fence is to install uprights that are attached to a metal shaft that is set in concrete. No matter what sort of preservative is used on the wood, when it contacts moist earth, it will begin to decay. Wet wood also invites termites, since that is their favorite food. Other challenges that your fence might encounter include people climbing on it, dogs chewing at it, or even cats using it for an exercise post. Strong wind and falling tree limbs can also create problems. Flood water can put pressure on a fence, or even dig the concrete footings out of the ground! The most common wear is simple decay from exposure to the elements. In all cases, we can help. We understand wood, the way that it weathers, and have the solutions for most of your fence problems.

At All About Fence, we understand the requirements of your wood fence repair in Lynnwood, call (425)268-9779 to learn more. Wood is a natural substance, and continues, therefore, to change even after being cut. Treating, painting and protecting the posts from the natural ravages of time preserves the beauty of your fence. When necessary, we also have the means to replace pieces that are broken or weathered beyond repair. Keeping up with the kids and the pets – well, that will have to be your part. The weather is out of our realm of expertise, as well, we just fix the damage after it happens.