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Ask About Our Same As Cash Financing

Privacy Fence Installation Service & Repair in Everett

A privacy fence creates your own little world, a space that allows you to remove yourself from the hustle and bustle of every day life.  All About Fence is prepared to help you with your privacy fence installation service & repair in Everett.

A privacy fence can help create a quiet corner where you can enjoy the sun, have a garden, read a good book or check your email on your laptop or tablet. A beautiful fence will dress up the perimeter of your property while providing a firm indication of the boundary of your property line. If you enjoy gardening or growing flowers, a beautiful redwood or cedar fence can serve as a backdrop for upright floral presentations, or foliage plants. Both redwood and cedar are excellent outdoor materials, having a natural resistance to weathering. You can allow them to develop the natural gray tone that goes with exposure to the elements, or you can protect their original bright color with a coat of clear, outdoor paint. The upright posts can be attached to metal pins that can then be embedded in concrete, keeping the wood away from the earth. This prolongs the life of the posts, which – in turn – improves the life of your fence. Our fences can be purchased in panels that can be stair-stepped to accommodate slopes.

All About Fence is ready to help you with your privacy fence installation service & repair in Everett, just call us at  (425) 268-9779. Our knowledgeable team has the experience, the training and the understanding of just how fences work, and we will bring all of that to installing and maintaining your fence. We know that it is important to you that your fence should be durable, but also beautiful, and that it should add value to your property.