Residential Fence Installation Service & Repair in Bothell

residential fence installation service & Repair in Bothell

Nothing dresses up a residence like a beautiful fence. All About Fence is your residential fence installation service & repair in Bothell. We have a wide variety of fence styles and materials that can fit any sort of home architecture. We do not install automatic gates, but we can make the gates and put you in touch with a company that does that sort of work.

At one time, having a home with a white picket fence was the equivalent of living the good life. Then, a little later, it became a sort of sarcastic comment for people who foolishly reach for an ideal that is possibly unattainable. The good news is that you can have a white, picket fence – or a redwood, cedar, chain link or even ornamental iron – and it is an attainable goal. An attractive fence does several things. It establishes a perimeter. It allows installation of a gate – either automated or manual. It can be a beautiful accent to your property – front or back. In the back or side yards, or even in front if that is your desire – a privacy fence creates a space for outdoor activities without sharing with your neighbors.

All About Fence is ready to complete your residential fence installation service & Repair in Bothell, and we can be reached at (425)268-9779 for more information. We specialize in creating beautiful, sturdy fences that delineate your property’s perimeter and provide a retreat for you. If you have pets or children, a fence defines their play area, giving you a little more peace of mind. We will be glad to discuss the fence that works best for you and for the space that surrounds you home. Nothing dresses up a residence like a beautiful fence.

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