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Spring Is Here! Call Us For Garden Fence Installation Service & Repair In Everett

Spring Is Here! Call Us For Garden Fence Installation Service & Repair In EverettIf you have a garden on your property, it is always nice to add a fence. Garden fencing is not only a great way to enhance the overall aesthetics of your garden, but you can also help to keep people and animals out. Whether your garden fence is old or it has suffered from storm damage, you can look to us at All About Fence to help with high-quality garden fence installation service & repair in Everett.

Are you wondering whether it is time for you to repair your fence or if you should replace it entirely? This is a common question that many of our customers ask. Repairing and repainting your garden fence might be cheaper initially, but this is usually only a short term fix. There are many times when it is better to replace the fence altogether, especially if you are having issues and continually having to repair it.

Wooden Fencing

Because wood is a natural material, it can be a bit more prone to damage over synthetic materials. This is why we always recommend treating your fence with sealant or paint to eliminate breakdown due to the elements. Some of the signs that your wooden garden fence may need repair or replacement include splintering, warping, and discoloration.

Vinyl Fencing

Even though vinyl fencing for your garden may be relatively maintenance-free, there can come a time when damage may occur, or a crack develops. We can come out to your property to take a look and determine if it is best to replace a section of your fence to repair it for you.

Aluminum Fencing

While the aluminum fence is durable, you may need to repair it or replace it after time goes by. Shifting soil can cause the posts to loosen, or accidents could lead to damage. No matter what, we have the technicians and skill to get it fixed or replaced for you quickly.

We are here to help whenever you need professional garden fence installation service & repair in Everett. Call All About Fence at (425) 320-3657!