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The Beauty of Wood Fences & Wooden Privacy Fence Installation in Everett

wood fences and wooden privacy fence installation in Everett

At All About Fence we value the beauty of wood fences and wooden privacy fence installation in Everett. There is something about things made with wood that connects with the earth and yet shares the ingenuity and creativeness of human builders.

Cedar is one of our favorite woods. It can be used to create the classic picket fence or it can be used to make vertical boards that can be fastened to a post and frame setup to make a privacy fence. Cedar that is treated with a clear finish can hold its beautiful natural color – it might need a yearly touch-up. Cedar can also be left unfinished with good results. It will weather to a silvery gray that can blend with shrubs and similarly natural surroundings. It makes a good pool security/privacy fence or a background for a bright display of gladiolas or elephant ears. More importantly, a good privacy fence can help create a protected space for children or pets – although your fence should not be considered a substitute for appropriate supervision. With that said, a lovely wood fence can slow down pets or small children, enabling adults to catch up with them.

At All About Fence, we value the beauty of wood fences and wooden privacy fence installation in Everett, call us at (425)268-9779 to discuss the fence that is right for you. We believe that for every lawn, home, garden or business, there is a beautiful fence just waiting to be installed. Our fences can be scaled to your location, including creating stepped fence panels to accommodate slopes. Fences are more than just an enclosure. By selecting a material, pattern, and color that appeals to you, they can enhance your home beautifully.