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Tips For Maintaining Your Mountlake Terrace Chain Link Fencing

Tips For Maintaining Your Mountlake Terrace Chain Link FencingMany Mountlake Terrace property owners gravitate to chain link fencing because it has many essential qualities. These fences are affordable, secure, and strong. They also require little maintenance; however, this does not mean you should not do whatever is possible to care for one on your property. All About Fence is here for repair services, but we can also go over some ways to help keep your fence lasting for as long as possible.

The outdoor environment can be tough on any material prone to rust. The weather throughout the Mountlake Terrace area can get somewhat wet sometimes, so you want to do what you can to perform regular maintenance on your chain link fence. It will not only stay looking good but also last longer.

  • Keep the fencing clean – Dirt and debris can sometimes get trapped in the crevices due to the design of chain link fencing. While this does not create immediate damage, it can make your fencing look unkempt. When there is too much debris and dirt caked into the grooves, it can trap moisture and cause rust. Hose it down regularly, or use soapy water and wire steel to scrub lightly.
  • Tree growth – While a chain link fence may not damage easily, vines and branches can cause issues over time. If trees, shrubs, and vines grow too close to the chain link, it can start to lift your fencing off the ground. Vines and shrubs that get too thick can cause breaks in the fence and make them less secure.
  • Repairs should be timely – The best way to deal with a fencing problem like rust or a slight break is to have it tended to as soon as possible. You can regularly inspect your fencing or call us at All About Fence to do a check, perform maintenance, and ensure your chain link is in excellent condition.

Call All About Fence at (425) 320-3657 if you require help with chain link fence repair or replacement in Mountlake Terrace.