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Wrought Iron Fence Installation Service & Repair in Bothell

wrought iron fence installation service & repair in Bothell

All About Fence is ready for your wrought iron fence installation service & repair in Bothell. Wrought iron is an ancient art, dating back to the middle ages and perhaps a little before. Wrought iron was so named because it was “wrought” or worked to remove the impurities left from smelting. In the middle ages and the eras before, the working was done by a blacksmith. The process gave greater flexibility to the metal, as compared to cast iron. Cast iron is more brittle than wrought iron and can break when struck with a hammer. Wrought iron was used to make swords and plowshares. In the latter part of the middle ages, it was used to protect buildings. The window and door treatments so used were often quite beautiful.

The industrial revolution brought new processes, and today’s “wrought iron” is really a substance more correctly called mild steel. Like its older counterpart, it is durable and can be shaped into decorative structures that are practical as well as beautiful. Our “wrought iron” is made of welded steel panels, purchased from Ameristar. The Montage series is made from 95% recycled materials. The Pool, Pet, & Play Montage has a 3-inch airspace, which meets child safety standards while providing extra strength.

All About Fence is ready for your wrought iron fence installation service & repair in Bothell, call (425)268-9779 to learn more. We won’t promise you folded Spanish or Japanese steel, but we do have a wide selection of beautiful designs from Ameristar ready to be installed at your home. Wrought iron designs can go with almost any architecture, but are especially beautiful with buildings that resemble the adobe structures once popular in Southern California, or homes that have a brick or stone façade.