Wrought Iron Fence Installation Service & Repair in Everett

wrought iron fence installation service & Repair in EverettAll About Fence can help with your wrought iron fence installation service & Repair in Everett. Everett, as a city, is a welcoming sort of place. But even places that put out the welcome mat can sometimes benefit from a good fence. Fences can provide children and pets with a safe area in which to play, as well as set boundaries and protect valuables. After all, every good fence has a gate and some have a bell or a call box to let people know that someone has come to visit.

Wrought iron is sturdy and weather resistant – especially when it is treated to prevent rust. Wrought iron can be incredibly decorative, and combines well with other fence types. Our Montage series has the added advantage that you can be proud of being ecologically conscious because it is made from 97 percent recycled materials. The series includes the Classic, Majestic, Genesis and the Pet, Pool & Play Montage. These “ornamental iron” fence types are made of welded steel, which means that they can scarcely be beat for durability. They are also a good choice for security that does not obscure beautiful landscaping features of your home. The Pet, Pool & Play Montage is specially constructed with active children or pets in mind. They have a three-inch airspace and can be flush at the bottom. While some pets and children are natural escape artists, this does have the effect of discouraging some of that behavior.

All About Fence would be glad to help with your wrought iron fence installation service & Repair in Everett, just give us a call at (425)268-9779. A good fence not only adds security to your home, it enhances its value and its beauty.