Ask About Our Same As Cash Financing

Ask About Our Same As Cash Financing

Frequently Asked Questions

    Many customers have frequently asked questions about fencing, especially if they’ve never owned a home or installed fence before. We have compiled a few of them to help you, but if you have more questions, feel free to ask an estimator or one of our technicians.

  • Q: How long does fencing last?A: You would typically expect a our pre-stained cedar fencing to last at least 20 years.  Wooden fencing is always at the mercy of the weather, however, adding some oversized posts to cedar fencing can elongate it’s life exponentially and you can expect our wooden fencing to last quite some time.
    Our chain link fencing is guaranteed also lasts a long time. In fact, in all of the years that we have been in business, we have never replaced one of our chain link installations.
  • Do you install fencing all year round, through every season?A: Yes, All About Fence installs fences year-round, regardless of weather. We are even able to install a fence when it’s raining or snowing outside, if inclement weather falls on your appointment date. No matter the weather, we ensure that fencing is installed properly the first time, which is part of why you can expect the fence to last for such a long time.
  • Q:Can you also install a deck or retaining wall?A: At this time, All About Fence installs only fencing. However, we are happy to give you recommendations for local contractors that are able to install a deck or retaining wall for you.
  • Q: Do you install power operated gates?A: At this time, All About Fence installs only fencing. However, we can fabricate/build a gate or fence and then recommend another company to set it up for automation.
  • How soon can you install a fence?A: From start to finish, it typically takes us one week to install a fence for you. Please allow a day or two extra in several hot or inclement weather periods. During the warmer months, however, appointments fill up quickly and it is best to call several weeks ahead of time to ensure that you are able to secure a timely appointment. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule.
  • Q:Do you offer a payment plan or financing? A: We do not offer either a payment plan or financing at this time. However, we do accept credit cards.
  • What does the entire process of installing a new fence consist of? A: When you make an appointment, we will first send an estimator to your house to discuss your wants and needs for fencing. He or she will do a visual inspection and will provide you with a free, detailed estimate of the work to be completed. In addition to a visual inspection, you and the estimator will also discuss ideas for your fencing, including types, styles, and lengths. This is also a good time to discuss specific needs, for example, if you have young children or pets. All of our estimators are either current or former fence installers, and are not salespeople. They are the best in the business to offer you a reasonable and detailed estimate of the work.

    We will call you to schedule the fence installation typically three days to one week before we have availability, Prior to our installers coming out to the property, we will have the utility company come out to mark underground gas or phone lines to ensure everything is done safely and correctly. After everything is marked, we will schedule an actual installation date. Fence installation typically takes three days, depending on the size of the project.

  • Q:Why is cedar used for wood fences? A:Cedar is the longest lasting lumber there is when wood is exposed to the outdoor elements. We want to ensure that your fence lasts a long time and for this reason, we choose cedar as our main type of wood. All About Fence uses only pre-stained cedar. Pre-staining the wood offers special UV protection, making the wood resistant to fading and damage. It also prevents the boards from turning grey over time, keeping your fence looking fresh and new.
  • Q:Can someone visit my house to give a recommendation for types of fencing? A:Absolutely. If you are not sure of the type and style of fence you would like around your home, our estimators are more than happy to give you their expert opinion. All of our estimators are also current or former fence installers, so they are able to steer you in the right direction. Our estimators will not try to “upgrade” your fence, as they are not salespeople and do not receive a commission. They will give you their honest opinion based on their experience and knowledge.
  • Q:What is the most popular style of cedar fencing?A: The cedar fencing we use most often at All About Fence is a modified panel. It adds an elegant look to fencing, featuring a 2-inch x 4-inch cap on the top along with a finished appearance. There are many other types of cedar fencing, however, and our staff would be happy to discuss other options with you.
  • Q:Should a fence face in or out? A: For functional purposes, it typically doesn’t matter whether a fence faces in or out. Therefore, it’s up to your personal taste and how you would like the aesthetics. Occasionally, a homeowner’s association will set specific rules about fencing, so if you are a member, it’s best to check with them. Otherwise, it’s completely up to your personal taste.
  • Q:What if I have an existing fence? A: If you have an existing fence and All About Fence is doing a replacement for you, we are more than happy to remove the existing fence, taking all of the debris to a recycling facility for you.
  • Q:Is there a deposit required to begin work? A: We require a 50% down payment.
  • Q:How should I treat my fence? A: We use pre-stained cedar, so in most cases, no treatment is necessary. You can, however, use natural treatments on the fence or stain or paint your fence however you would like.
  • Q:What types of posts are used for fencing? A: We use 9-foot, 4-inch treated posts that provide the maximum in strength and durability. Our posts are slightly larger than those offered by other fencing companies, because we have found them to be the most durable and reliable. You may also choose a pine base, if you wish.

If you have further questions or need assistance, please get in touch with our experts at All About FenceWa. We are here to help! Call us today at (425) 320-3657.