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Ask About Our Same As Cash Financing

Durable Vinyl Fence Installation Service & Repair near Everett

Vinyl Fence Installation Service & Repair near Everett

All About Fence can handle your vinyl fence installation & repair near Everett. Vinyl fencing can be a viable, low-maintenance option for your fencing needs. Vinyl has the advantage that it does not require painting, is not susceptible to water damage, and can maintain its appearance for several seasons.

Vinyl fencing is low maintenance, and some types are made from recycled materials. The downside is that vinyl fencing can be an expensive initial install. Over time, this is offset by not needing to paint your fence because it will not biodegrade or rust. Some colors and types of plastic will fade over time, but in some locations,  this might not be a problem. Repairs to a vinyl fence can be a little trickier than for a wood or metal fence, but we are more than happy to help you take of your repairs – but with a good vinyl fence, we are betting that you won’t need us very often. Not only does vinyl fencing retain its appearance with little or no maintenance, it has greater flexibility than wood or metal fence panels and is more likely to bend than break, yet it can still be strong and sturdy. This can be an advantage in some climates.

Call All About Fence at (425)268-9779 to learn more about vinyl  fence installation & repair near Everett. We will be glad to discuss your options and to send a representative to help with measurements and other considerations, such as whether step panels will be needed for a hillside or accommodation for a waterway. Since no two locations are exactly the same, each installation can require special considerations. Putting in the fence that you want and making it work for you is our primary goal.