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Ask About Our Same As Cash Financing

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Fence Installation in Marysville

All About Fence is your fence company for Marysville and surrounding areas. Winter is exactly fence building time in northern America. As winter storms sweep across the upper parts of the United States and southern Canada, it is a good time to deal with fencing.

Winter is a time that is hard on fencing, as it is on all outdoor fixtures. In some cases, mends or patches can be done to maintain your perimeter integrity, holding off the real repairs until warmer weather. As the ground freezes the moisture now, it bites down on concrete footings and squeezes wood or metal posts. When it thaws, the ground softens, and posts become loose – much like a six-year-old’s wiggly front tooth. That is when the real work of maintaining your fence will begin. Spring is always a good time to assess outdoor work and to make changes that will last through coming seasons. It is also a time to dream by the fire and look at our many designs of beautiful fencing that would enhance your property. Whether you are intent on security, privacy or just adding something beautiful, we have it all. More than that, we have the experience, the tools and the desire to help you set up a fence that will require as little maintenance as possible and that will last through the seasons.

All About Fence is your fence company for Marysville, call us at (425)268-9779 to learn more about our beautiful, durable fence options. We are always glad to share our expertise and our wide selection of sturdy, beautiful fences. Need to protect your pool? We got it. Ornament your front lawn? We’ve got that, too, right along with setting up barriers between pets or livestock and intruders. If it’s a fence, we’ve got it.