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Everything To Know Before Installing A Privacy Fence

Everything To Know Before Installing A Privacy FencePrivacy fencing for your Granite Falls property can serve many purposes. It can bring together the aesthetics of the yard, tying together your indoor and outdoor living space. It can prevent pets and kids from straying outside the yard should you become distracted. But, most of all, the privacy fence is there to do what its name says; provide privacy.

Since putting in a brand new privacy fence is a substantial undertaking, you want to have the right team on your project and a decent understanding of all involved. All About Fence is here to assist you each step of the way, including helping you with all the design aspects and questions you have. Our team can also help by addressing any questions and concerns you have about fencing materials, landscaping challenges on your property, and special requests.

Getting Started

You want to ask yourself what you are looking for and why. Most privacy fences are at least four feet tall and solid so you do not have gaps to see through. This means that height and material selection will be your two main areas of consideration.

Next, you must look into limitations. For example, if you live in an area with a homeowners association (HOA), there might be guidelines for the type of fencing you can install. Some localities will also require special building permits or zoning before you can start construction. All About Fence will assist with all permit obstacles to help ensure you are on the right track with your planning and installation.

Material Selection

It is common to have a slight idea of what materials you want but not be 100% sure. When shopping around, All About Fence will review common privacy fencing materials and discuss all the benefits versus challenges with each. Some of the materials our customers often pick from include cedar, metal, composite, vinyl, and treated wood.

If you are considering privacy fence installation in Granite Falls, All About Fence can help. Contact our team at (425) 320-3657 for a consultation!