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The Beauty And Benefits Of Cedar Fence Installation

The Beauty And Benefits Of Cedar Fence InstallationSelecting the right type of fencing for your Lynnwood property may not seem difficult until you begin drawing up plans. You start to realize all the options available and may not be sure which will suit your budget or needs best. Wood or aluminum? Ornamental or security? If you are interested in any of these, including cedar fencing installation, All About Fence is here to assist.

All fencing comes with advantages, but it is hard to find a valid argument for the lasting values that cedar fencing provides. These are just a few of the benefits of installing beautiful cedar on your property:

  1. Durability – Because cedar can naturally resist decay and wood rot, it can stay sturdy for years while being reasonably light and easy to install. Cedar fencing can last longer than other wood types and stay strong, so you don’t have to worry about warping or bending after a few years.
  2. Attractive – Cedar is a type of visually stunning wood, and the beauty lasts through time. Eventually, it will weather naturally but still keep a beautiful silver-gray shade. Cedar also has a forest scent that pleases people but works to repel insects.
  3. Easy to Maintain – Like other wood products, moisture and weather can take their toll on cedar over time. However, you can keep them healthy and fresh with regular inspections, sealing damaged areas, and professional repair work as needed from us at All About Fence.

Are you ready to start planning your new cedar fencing installation? All About Fence is here to get started so you can have a stunning fence that will increase property value and curb appeal. We are happy to come out and discuss your ideas so that we can plan a design and installation that fits your landscape and budget.

Call All About Fence at (425) 320-3657 to discuss your options for installing cedar fencing around your Lynnwood property.